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Windows Update keeps trying to install the same update

Posted by grigsby on March 27, 2010

A failure in updating could happen when you suddenly get disconnected or downloaded corrupted data which happens a lot. And it seems that there is no local check to ensure that the file is actually complete. It just attempts to install the downloaded material even if its not complete. The stupid thing is that even though you try to update again, it just checks the cache, see that its there and won’t bother redownloading the files.

Therefore when you face such a scenario, you could take these steps to solve your problems:

  1. Open Command Prompt by Start -> Run and type cmd
  2. On the Command Prompt, type net stop wuauserv. This is done so that you will terminate the windows automatic update service to allow us to delete the cache files
  3. Still on the Command Prompt, type cd /d %windir%
  4. Type rd /s SoftwareDistribution
  5. Thats it, the cache has been purged. Now we need to restart the windows automatic update service again. To do that, type net start wuauserv
  1. Jackie Said,

    Thank you very much for your helpful suggestion that completely solved my problem. Glad I remembered how to use DOS.

  2. David Higginbothan Said,

    System Error 5 shows when typing net stop wuauserv

  3. Garl Said,

    System Error 5 is a permission error. Make sure you are an administrator. Won’t work unless you are. If you are on win7/vista, make sure you start your command prompt by right clicking and selecting run as administrator. HTH.

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