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Number pad in Putty

Posted by grigsby on July 6, 2007

The number keypad in Putty normally works fine. Until you launch Vi(m). Then it is basically useless. Hitting ‘0’ on the keypad prints out a ‘p‘, Hitting ‘1’ prints out a ‘q‘, etc. This has always bothered me, but I’ve never taken the time to resolve it. Today I did. Turns out you need to select ‘Disable application keypad mode’ in the Putty Configuration – Terminal – Features. Doing this makes the number pad work correctly in both the shell and Vi(m).

Putty Configuration Screen Cap

  1. hovis Said,

    So, this has also bothered me for a long, long time – but my putty options don’t mention a disable (if it does, i can’t see it). I just downloaded the .60 Win32 Binary and it also doesn’t have it… Do you have an older version?

  2. Garl Said,

    I”ve uploaded a screen shot of the page in question. Hopefully this helps.

  3. Wahoo Said,

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. SSH Noob Said,

    I just wanted to let you know I appreciate this tip. 3 years later and you’re still helping people with this simple post. How cool are the interwebs?

  5. Medraq Said,

    Thank you for the tip. It worked perfectly! :o)
    Now typing IP addresses in Nano is MUCH easier … :oD

    Thanks again :o)

  6. Buy Cymbalta Said,

    Thanks for sharing this number pad in putty..

  7. ehren Said,

    You, sir, are a golden god.

  8. Sometouw Said,

    You sir, have won the internet!

  9. Goldo Said,

    THX! it’s worked

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