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nfs mount: mount: /sharepoint: Not owner

Posted by grigsby on July 5, 2007

When trying to mount a share from a Linux server (RHEL5) Solaris (10) issues this very useful message:

bash-3.00# mount server:/nfsshare /sharepoint
nfs mount: mount: /sharepoint: Not owner

This appears to be an issue with NFS v4 on Linux and Solaris 10. To fix this edit:


and change




Or of one time mounts simply add the following to the command line

mount -o vers=3 server:/nfsshare /sharepoint

  1. Tom Said,

    Thanks, you’re a star!

  2. Sumeet Said,

    Thanks a lot ..!!!

  3. mark Said,

    Nice one. Been trying to sort that one out for ages!

  4. Rajesh Said,

    Excellent R&D

  5. Travis Said,

    Works with autofs as well. Just add the vers=3 to the mount options in the config file.

  6. ABs Said,

    Thank you , It works.

  7. Anony mouse Said,

    Worked like a charm with autofs using Red Hat 5. You’re a genius!

  8. Sanjay Said,


  9. Andy Said,

    Excellent – cheers!

  10. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks, you are genious

  11. Excellent ... Thanks Said,

    Excellent … Thanks

  12. kos Said,

    Nice one thanks

  13. Dave Tong Said,

    Thanks for this! Very helpful. Just saved me a lot of pain.

  14. Mike Said,

    Thanks for your help

  15. solaris_beg Said,

    fixed my issue with solaris 11.1. Thanks a lot

  16. Prem Said,

    Thanks… It’s helps a lot…

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