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Windows “compressed folder” RMB pick

Posted by grigsby on March 27, 2010

Some people like the windows tool for compressing folders. Really. They seem to prefer this to a real compression software like 7 Zip. Not sure why.

When a third party compression software is installed the windows “compressed folder” tool is deactivated. To put it back, do the following:

Start->Run->regsvr32 zipfldr.dll->OK
Start->Run->cmd /c assoc .zip=CompressedFolder->OK

Windows Update keeps trying to install the same update

Posted by grigsby on March 27, 2010

A failure in updating could happen when you suddenly get disconnected or downloaded corrupted data which happens a lot. And it seems that there is no local check to ensure that the file is actually complete. It just attempts to install the downloaded material even if its not complete. The stupid thing is that even though you try to update again, it just checks the cache, see that its there and won’t bother redownloading the files.

Therefore when you face such a scenario, you could take these steps to solve your problems:

  1. Open Command Prompt by Start -> Run and type cmd
  2. On the Command Prompt, type net stop wuauserv. This is done so that you will terminate the windows automatic update service to allow us to delete the cache files
  3. Still on the Command Prompt, type cd /d %windir%
  4. Type rd /s SoftwareDistribution
  5. Thats it, the cache has been purged. Now we need to restart the windows automatic update service again. To do that, type net start wuauserv

Listing top 5 memory consuming apps on a remote windows machine

Posted by grigsby on March 17, 2010

I recently had the need to be able to see what applications were consuming the most amount of memory on a remote windows system. I only needed to do this on demand, and it was not something that I needed to do all the time. To get the view I wanted I resorted to using a combination of pslist from the PStools package and the *nix like environment for Windows Cygwin. Below is the shell script i came up with. I’m sure somebody could make it cleaner, but this is what I found that worked. I post this here for my own reference and as a gift to the world (I know, it’s the thought the counts).


# Printf description :
# %-16s 16 character text field, left justified.
# t Tab
# %8.0f 8 character, numberic field, no decimal
# %2S 2 Character text field, right justified.
# ,$1,$4,"KB" First field from awk, Fourth Field from Awk, Text "KB"
# $4 is the amount of memory used by the application or its "working set"

echo ""
echo "Top 5 memory usage on egi6w008"
/cygdrive/d/workdir/bin/pslist -m \\hostname| awk '{printf("%-16st %8.0f %2sn",$1,$4,"KB")}'| sort -k 2,2n | tail -n5
echo ""
/cygdrive/d/workdir/bin/pslist -m \\hostname | awk '{tot=tot+$4} END {printf("%14s %8.0f %2sn","Total Memory: ",tot,"KB")}'

Cursor (arrow) Keys not working in Ubuntu Terminal Server Client

Posted by grigsby on March 13, 2010

Running Ubuntu 9.04, 32bit, I noticed that the cursor (arrow) keys were not functioning on Terminal Server Client which I use constantly to connect to XP machines for work. I use the Terminal Server Client Applet to easily access the machines I’m working on and it had worked in the past. I found, after some digging, that the keyboard setting had gotten changed for all of the saved machines from en-us to us. So, the fix is as follows:

  1. Open the Terminal Server Client
  2. Enter the machine details
  3. Select the Local Resources tab
  4. set the keyboard to en-us
  5. Save the session to the Quick Connect Profile

The cursor (arrow) keys not work as expected.