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Deluge torrent client broken after Jaunty upgrade

Posted by grigsby on June 22, 2009

Just finally upgraded on of my desktop systems to Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04. Well, I upgraded it again. After the initial upgrade I was getting continuous hangs (scroll and caps lock flashing). At the time I didn’t have the energy or time to resolve the issue, so I nuked and went back to 8.10 on just this system. Well, today, I finally resolved the issue (long story, probably a future post).

Anyway, after the upgrade completed, and I beat Xorg into line, I went to restart my Fedora 11 torrent so I can do some testing with that. And, something else broke: My favorite torrent client Deluge. Launching the client would result in a white window with no text (i.e. complete unresponsive window). After some digging I found a cryptic post about a libtorrent-rasterbar update that seems to be the culprit. The fix, is even easer:

sudo apt-get install libtorrent-rasterbar4

As soon as I got libtorrent-rasterbar version 0.14.4-2 installed, deluge was happy again.