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.msg attachments won’t open in Outlook

Posted by grigsby on December 21, 2007

Recently ran into an issue when MS Outlook refused to open any .msg attachments. You’d click them and nothing. No error, no message, nothing. If you save the file to the Desktop and tried to open it, all that would happen would be that outlook would flash. Turns out it is a bug in Google Desktop [1]. If the Google desktop plug in was active in Outlook, it would fail to open the attachment. Disabling the plug in resolved the issue as did updating Google Desktop to the the latest rev. See the following link for more details.


Force a reinstall of a RPM

Posted by grigsby on December 21, 2007

I recently had to force a reinstall of a bunch of packages (I don’t want to talk about it. If you follow me on twitter, you know some of the details). Here is the procedure I used.

First locate the packages of the missing files using this command:

for file in `rpm -Va | grep missing |awk '{print $2}'`; do rpm -q --whatprovides $file >> /tmp/missingpack ; done

I then used this to sort the file and eliminate any duplicates:

cat /tmp/missingpack | sort -n | uniq > /tmp/missinguniq

At this point I can remove the missing packages using this:

rpm -e --justdb --nodeps packagename

Then simply reinstall as normal using yum. I’m sure I could have automated this a bit more, but the system was hurting (again, don’t want to talk about it).

Hope that helps somebody else.

Charlie the Unicorn – Audio only

Posted by grigsby on December 21, 2007

A co-worker asked me to strip the audio from the ‘Charlie the Unicorn‘ video. Don’t know why I did as I never wanted to see or hear that again, but I did. He also mentioned he was surprised nobody had done it before. Well, now somebody has and I’ll save it here to save some other poor fool the trouble….

Verify user running script is root

Posted by grigsby on December 11, 2007

# Verify user running script is root
if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then
echo "You must be root to run this script!!!" 2>&1
# Call usage function....
exit 1