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Setting up Putty and SSH Server

Posted by grigsby on July 6, 2007
  1. generate key using puttygen
  2. save public and private keys to someplace safe(tm)
  3. ssh to server
  4. edit

    cd ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2
    chmod ga-w authorized_keys2

  5. enter data from public key.
  6. load putty
  7. load desired session
  8. Under ssh, select SSH2, and save session.
  9. right click on pagent and add the private key
  10. login, and enter username.
  11. Edit link in startup forlder for pagent startup

    “C:Program FilesPuTTYpageant.exe” d:dataz_sshssh_private_key.ppk

Number pad in Putty

Posted by grigsby on July 6, 2007

The number keypad in Putty normally works fine. Until you launch Vi(m). Then it is basically useless. Hitting ‘0’ on the keypad prints out a ‘p‘, Hitting ‘1’ prints out a ‘q‘, etc. This has always bothered me, but I’ve never taken the time to resolve it. Today I did. Turns out you need to select ‘Disable application keypad mode’ in the Putty Configuration – Terminal – Features. Doing this makes the number pad work correctly in both the shell and Vi(m).

Putty Configuration Screen Cap

nfs mount: mount: /sharepoint: Not owner

Posted by grigsby on July 5, 2007

When trying to mount a share from a Linux server (RHEL5) Solaris (10) issues this very useful message:

bash-3.00# mount server:/nfsshare /sharepoint
nfs mount: mount: /sharepoint: Not owner

This appears to be an issue with NFS v4 on Linux and Solaris 10. To fix this edit:


and change




Or of one time mounts simply add the following to the command line

mount -o vers=3 server:/nfsshare /sharepoint