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Comments fail

Posted by grigsby on August 28, 2008

Well, I’m an idiot. The last time I updated the wordpress theme, it looks like I didn’t check that the comments worked. Well, it turns out that the theme I’m using didn’t have the line that displayed the reCAPTCHA form. Soooo, any comments people have been trying to leave have been lost to the ether. I am officially and idiot. Sorry folks.

How companies *should* treat their employees.

Posted by grigsby on June 13, 2008

This is an interesting article talking about how Southwest treats it’s employees. Interesting read and well worth the 2 or 3 minutes it takes to read it. Oh, and just for the record, treating your employees like they are trying to screw you *all* of the time, does not make for loyal, happy, people. Just saying. Hire, good, intelligent, competent people and you will be rewarded. Get rid of the idiots quickly, or better yet, don’t hire them, and trust your people. Let them do the job you hired them for and deal with more important things than second guessing every decision they make. Just saying.

Charlie the Unicorn – Audio only

Posted by grigsby on December 21, 2007

A co-worker asked me to strip the audio from the ‘Charlie the Unicorn‘ video. Don’t know why I did as I never wanted to see or hear that again, but I did. He also mentioned he was surprised nobody had done it before. Well, now somebody has and I’ll save it here to save some other poor fool the trouble….

Screen lock set on iPod

Posted by grigsby on October 21, 2007

My son set the screen lock code on his nano. All the help I could find online just suggested reseting, via iTunes, the unit. This essentially formats the player and you loose all off the synced content. I found that you can just delete the "iPod_ControlDevice_locked" file. This requires that the unit be setup in iTunes to be used as a storage device and that you have hidden files enabled. Other than that, it’s much less painful than the Apple method.